Dear Friends,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jeremy Barnett, your friend, a husband, a father, and a God-loving citizen. I grew up in a sleepy little town called Randolph, OH, and spent my early adult years bouncing around Cleveland, Nashville, and LA. I started letting go of the straws I was grasping and asked God to show me what was really important in my life:

God, Family, our Faith Community, and, of course, sharing the songs He has given me.

If you've ever harbored a dream and wondered how to keep it alive in the face of adversity, you're one of my tribe. I'm blessed that I've been surrounded by people who've helped me see that in the end, our joy ALWAYS comes down to how deep we're willing to go with God.

I’m going to be writing, playing, and recording some material to praise and worship Him. 

In God’s Peace,