The Reason

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The Book of Revelation is Mind Blowing!!! I have always been fascinated with Revelation Chapter 4, and what the Apostle John saw in the throne room. One night while I was sitting by the lake on our back porch at the Glory Ranch, The Lord downloaded a melody and some lyrics into my spirit to write a song about what John saw. I especially was captivated by the 24 elders and the beast scripture where they bow down and cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! They have been doing this for eternity, and have been getting a dose of HIS MAJESTY over and over and over again. Wow! just think we will get to do that too, and never ever fully understand the Depths of who HE IS! We will spend eternity getting fresh Revelation of who our Father is. I asked my good friend Meredith Hobbs (amazing worship leader) to lend a hand on how to approach it lyrically as it is a large chapter and there is so much going on with John's vision... We are pleased to finally share with you the Song and the Official Video titled "The Reason"... Our interpretation of what John saw.