Tractor pulls, flea markets, Elvis impersonators and a home-style buffet just down the highway— this was my hometown, Randolph, Ohio. It was all I knew as a kid growing up in the 1980's and 90's. 

With an older cousin living in Nashville, I suddenly had an excuse to get out of town, visit family, and get away from the troubles that were brewing at home. It also gave me my first encounter with people who truly loved music.

When I was 14, I picked up a guitar and began my journey into music and who God really was to me. Along the way, my guitar did its job and we had a lot of fun together. While I never really drew big crowds or got myself a record deal, I thank my music for helping me experience prayer and worship like I've never known.

​​During the pandemic last year, two unexpected things happened: I discovered the powerful voice of the Holy Spirit assuring me that he had a plan for me. Not because I was particularly gifted, but because I was one of His children and I was in a humble place of deep listening.

From those times of prayer came a renewed desire to record an LP that brought people into worship and awareness. These songs will be posted on this website as I finish them, with two complete and several more in-progress.

It was also in 2020 that the very first rumblings of The Glory Ranch began to appear. You can get the story here; and these days, I'm focused on bringing people to a bold, unashamed experience of God's mercy, healing, and understanding of his deep longing to be with us. 

I don't know where this path ultimately leads, but I continue to walk... and I invite you to do the same.   Pray, walk, listen, and walk some more.

In fact, I believe that YOU and I share the same birthplace, race, religion, politics, and calling. Our birthplace is Earth, our race is human, our religion is love, our politics are for freedom, and our calling is to embrace Him. 

I truly believe that right now all of his believers are being led...  Led to step out, use our gifts, show his love, and make a difference in these troubled times.

Can I get an amen, y'all?