You don’t have to say it. I picked a heck of a time to start a blog. The U.S. is in turmoil from racial tensions and unnecessary deaths. Our government has never been more divided or tangled in knots. And Covid-19 is putting its scars all over the economy and devastating lives. 

And here I am, with a notebook full of songs, thinking maybe you’d like to hear something about them. Or me. Or my family.  (That’s me with my oldest son, Christian, in my profile pic. There’s a story about that miracle kid I’ll share a little later with you.)

Before we get too much further, though, I should confess that I can’t write. My spelling is downright atroshus. (That was supposed to be funny.) I’ve also got a case of ADD that makes it hard to string more than a few rows of words together.

Still, after about 20 years of fits and starts, I can’t shake this feeling that God wants to see what he can do with me. To see me through a fresh season of courage and honesty, and give me the desire of my heart. 

What’s the desire of my heart, you might be wondering?

It has changed many times through the years (See? ADD!) but these days, it’s pretty much about doing something meaningful with gifts that God has given me. 

The response to “You Are” has been nothing but overwhelming. And THANK YOU for all your thoughts and comments, everyone. If the song hasn’t healed you or given you hope in some way this year, please know your support has done that very thing for me.

It’s cool to get a song out there, but I know I’ve got a lot further to go. More honesty. More courage. More humility. Do you guys feel me on that?

I believe this will be astonishing year for us, “2020.”  A time of clearer vision.  A time of seeing who we are and who we aren’t. And maybe how we’ve gotten a little bit away from ourselves through the years.

Most of all, it’s a year I believe we will truly see how the Love of God can heal one another.  

This is our time.  And in the coming weeks and months, I’m looking forward to sharing some songs and ideas to help us make the most of it.

THANK YOU, and I look forward to doing this with you!

In Christ,


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