But what’s my real job?

When I’m not busy trying to fulfill my calling as a musician, or trying to put food on the table with a few hand-picked internet ventures, I confess I’ve got a real full-time job. An insane one. One that rips my heart out and puts holes in my wallet. (And if you’re a parent, you’re already way ahead of me here!)

I’ve got two small boys, Christian and Cameron, one with Special Needs.

If you’ve got kids, then you know how hard we work to make sure our kids get the support they need. For my son, Christian, it meant moving from Ohio to Florida where his needs are better covered. I’d have even moved to the moon if it weren’t so full. (Sorry, dumb joke.)

Here’s the deal though: Every kid has special needs. Christian’s needs differ from Cameron’s but they’re equally important. Christian might need to be held tightly after a rough day, while Cameron may need to just go nuts on his little drum set.

So what’s your special need? How is it met? Mine ALWAYS comes back to music. To share. To connect. And to turn my real life experiences into messages that move and inspire… which is why my current musical venture is so important to me. And why I’m going to give it my VERY BEST. It’s nourishing to my soul and it’s how I get to love me like I love my kids.

Speaking of music -- if you were touched by my first real single “You Are,” and you’d like to have a supercool Dance Remix JUST FOR KIDS... IT’S DONE! (Get your free download here!)

When they hear it, please do me a favor: Tell me how they respond. Should I be doing more of this kind of stuff -- a version of my songs for us and a version for our kids? It’s an idea that excites me!

Please weigh in on my Facebook, or send me a message from my Contact page. THANK YOU!!! And this week, I’ll be praying especially for parents. You’re on my heart.


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