Jeremy Barnett, founder of recent start-up UPGroup, has become one of the top performers in the field of internet marketing over the past ten years.  With a focus on breaking the boundaries of traditional MLM's, Barnett consistently aims to re-define the accepted models with his modular, multi-platform, turnkey systems.  


Barnett has not only been engineering marketing systems, but has also become a leader in recruiting, building downlines to date in excess of 30 thousand members.  Often, this is accomplished through dynamic, interactive webinars where he can share his passion with wide on-line audiences-- just one of the key components of every system he designs.


Barnett is married, a father of two sons – one with special needs – and is a regularly working musician in the Tampa Area.  In 2019 he anticipates the release of a very special recording project.


Outside of music and enjoying his family, Jeremy spends his workweek assisting clients and partners with their own entrepreneurial efforts.  


To work with Jeremy, or to just get in touch, just…. reach out!


I never expected to be here. Then again, maybe I did… or I wouldn’t have driven myself to take the steps I needed to become one of the top performers in the field of internet marketing over the past ten years.   


With clients and partners, ranging from [company TBD] to [company TBD], and earning Top Salesman awards from two national companies, my focus, insights and experience is something I’ve learned can be a valuable asset to others who are looking to level up in their work.


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For me, music was one of those things that once you taste it, it never leaves your blood. I remember getting a guitar at 14 years old and I couldn’t put it down, wanting to know what made it talk – and if I could coax something magical out of it like some of my favorite players. I moved to Nashville when I was 18, simply needing to taste more of this thing called music – and began writing and playing professionally, opening for acts like Bad Company and Donny Iris. 

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