Tractor pulls. Flea markets. Elvis impersonators. And a home-style buffet just down the highway at the mall! This was my hometown, Randolph, Ohio, as a kid growing up in the 1980's and 90's.

With an older cousin living in Nashville, pursuing his dreams, it gave me an excuse to get out of town, be with family, get away from some trouble brewing at home, and experience the real world (so to speak)!

At 14, I picked up a guitar and began my journey into music, adulthood, and in finding out who God really was to me.

me and my guitar.jpg

Along the way, my guitar did it's job. No, we wouldn't get past Round One of American Idol (more on that later), and we wouldn't get the record deal every 20-something musician dreams about. But it gave me people. It gave me comfort being in front of them, opening my heart with them, and giving me an amazing way to do prayer and presence with God.


There are a lot of traps along the path of pursuing a dream -- especially in music I think -- and I wasn't entirely immune from them.  And yeah, I lost my way from time to time... but me and that guitar always found our way back to each other.  And I thank my wife Julie for always helping me remember just how much music heals, starting with me.

These days, after over a decade of being an entrepreneur, a dad, and husband, I'm surrendering a lot of the old stuff and really embracing the new... which includes a new calling over my life. And I can't wait to start bringing people into the music that's at the heart of all that.

Please stay tuned!


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