Something in your heart has nudged you to tap, click, listen, and make your way to this website…. and I’m really honored by that.

After growing up in a sleepy little town called Randolph, OH, and bouncing around Cleveland, Nashville, and taking trips to LA while grasping at some pretty big straws, I’m settling down, settling in, and getting real with what's really important in my life--

God, Family, Community (that’s you), and, of course, the songs I've been given.

If you’ve ever harbored a dream of becoming something, and wondering how on earth to keep it alive in the face of adversity, you’re absolutely one of my tribe.  I’ve had some great successes in life, and also some pretty museum-worthy failures (watch my blog for those!) In the end, it always came back to how well I stayed connected to the One who calls us his children.

I'll never be the rock star I once dreamed of becoming; I'll never be an NBA all-star like my childhood hero, Michael Jordan (mostly because I’m 5 foot 9 and facing all those kneecaps on the way to the hoop was always scary for me); and I might not always be the husband, father or friend that I aim to be. But I’m here. And I’m giving it my all. And I'd love to have some company if you like a good story and good music.

Stay with me. I’m going to be writing, playing and recording some material I can't wait to share, starting with You Are my first official single in this new stretch of my Life Journey.

And please  subscribe  to my updates.  As of this moment, I like to think we’re in this thing together. :)

God’s Peace,

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