Welcome my friends, my name is Jeremy Barnett and I live in Tampa Fl, with my wife Julie and my two sons Christian and Cameron. It has been a life long dream to be able to create music and share the good news through it. I believe God has called me into this arena for a time that is most needed in this world that we live in today. It is my absolute goal and focus to reach as many people as I can through my music and that you would be touched through it. I believe music is another language and is sometimes deeper than any words could describe. I pray that the music touches your heart and brings you to a closer relationship with our Awesome Creator. He did and still does deserve all the Glory! He wants to show you his love today. Open your heart to him, He new you before you were born, and numbered the hairs on your head. His unselfish sacrifice is the greatest LOVE story of all time. Let him show you his love today!


A little more about me:

For me, music was one of those things that once you taste it, it never leaves your blood. I remember getting a guitar at 14 years old and I couldn’t put it down, wanting to know what made it talk – and if I could coax something magical out of it like some of my favorite players. I moved to Nashville when I was 18, simply needing to taste more of this thing called music – and began writing and playing professionally, opening for acts like Bad Company and Donny Iris.

I’ve written several original songs and have made some great friends playing acoustic gigs in Tampa Florida, where I live now. Some of these will appear on a project I’ll be releasing called "Hands Reaching" in 2019. I enjoy playing Christian Contemporary, Rock, and Country Music. But mostly, I just enjoy sitting at my baby grand piano and worshipping God through song. 

​I am super stoked to be releasing my first studio album "Hands Reaching" and my mission and goal for this album is to reach as many people as I can with the simple and GREAT NEWS of Jesus Christ and His Love for all of us. Lord knows I have not been perfect and I thank God everyday that He has truly shown me love through many trials and tribulations. I believe He has called me to share my music that He inspired through me to the world. I hope it uplifts you and brings you a sense of peace. 

Jeremy Barnett

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